Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park, our last stop, is a 2850 square kilometre park famous for its elephants. I can see why. Our call for the day? There’s another elephant!

We did see a baobab tree that had been hollowed out by an elephant (or two). The baobab tree itself is incredible, with some growing to a trunk circumference of over 10 metres and a height of over 30 metres. The bark stores water, which elephants like to chew on in times of drought. And then this happens.

Also of interest was the flock of ostriches we saw. It’s apparently quite rare to see this many at one time, and so far we’d only seen them in pairs.

Oh, and we saw another leopard. In a tree, sleeping, not moving. Still waiting for one to prove me wrong. Just move a little bit. Hunt, or something!

Tarangire was a great end to a wonderful safari. But, we were glad it was over – 13 days is enough. I do not need to see another animal for quite some time now. It’s definitely time for the beach. Zanzibar, here we come!