Ngorongoro Crater

Our second last stop was Ngorongoro Crater. The crater, formed two to three million years ago when a volcano exploded and collapsed on itself, is a 260 square kilometre game reserve that provides both wild and Maasai animals with a natural enclosure. The volcano is thought to have originally been up to 5800 metres high, approximately the same as Mt Kili.

One of the highlights of Ngorongoro was the Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge. A whirlpool of brilliant and poor service, 20 minute waits for a soda water when you’re the only guest in the serving area and a waiter who arrives 90 mins early for a shift to ensure you get a choice of two breakfast tables. Five separate dockets for a half hour pre-drinks session for two (not because we had that many drinks but because our waiter made that many dockets), and the coldest pool I’ve ever been in (but it was over 2800 metres above sea level, higher than the highest point in Australia).

The other highlight was of course, the animals. So many, in such a small space. Our first glimpse of flamingoes. A lion atop it’s kingdom. A herd of buffaloes, fighting buffaloes. And thousands upon thousands of zebras and wildebeest including some tiny new babies.