Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is an 88 square kilometre national park famous for the thousands of flamingos that are often found on its surface. We weren’t lucky enough to experience the flamingos but we did catch a little more than a glimpse of white rhinos.

On the way, we went for a short boat ride on Lake Naivaisha seeing rafts of hippos and plenty of bird life.

A short walk on crescent island led us into a close encounter with zebras, impalas and giraffes, some of whom could be seen “trespassing” on private land.

Yep, just a short boat ride through the plants??!?

Arriving a couple of hours later at Lake Nakuru, we enjoyed lunch and a swim before jumping back into what was becoming an increasingly hard Kenyan mini-van. Our afternoon game drive quickly became fruitful when a herd of white rhino calmly walked towards us as our driver skilfully managed to place the van as close to their path as possible (ignoring the pleas of our fellow travellers).

A bit of trivia? As you can see, the white rhino is not white. Indeed, the black rhino is not black. It is believed that the description ‘white’ stems from a mistranslation or mispronunciation of the Dutch word for ‘wide’ and is actually a description of its mouth. White rhinos have wide mouths for grazing while black rhinos have narrow pointed mouths for eating foliage. The description ‘black’ appears to have come from the fact that they are not ‘white’ rhinos.

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon was rather uneventful. We drove around in circles for a while in search of a black rhino but they appeared to be hiding (as much as a one tonne animal can be hiding). Plenty of other animals were seen, but by now impala, giraffe and antelopes were becoming ‘just part of the scenery’.

In the evening, we relaxed at one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in my life. Pictures don’t do it justice, but I’ll try nonetheless.