Zambia Round 2

With two days of our Zambian holiday left, we went white water rafting on the Zambesi. Or should I say white water capsizing. Taking the first ten metre wave head on, we safely made it over before promptly capsizing on the next two waves. Note to self, do not ask the “driver” for an interesting ride – calm and safe is the way to go. But we had such an awesome time!

After packing our bags and realising that we still had one more day, our last day was spent at the Livingstone museum. A great history of the country and some pretty boring rocks. Sorry Michael!

Formerly Northern Rhodesia (1911-1964), the country was a British colony made famous by the explorer David Livingstone. Achieving independence relatively peacefully in 1964, it struggled through the 70s and 80s that saw war in the region as well as decreasing copper prices (Zambia’s prime export material). As a result, much of the country has not changed since the 70s.

Rebounding in the last few years, Zambia is now growing fast and even we could see the increase in infrastructure and the effect that tourism is having.

I had a blast in Zambia and I’m looking forward to the rest of our trip, hoping that it will be just as good. Onwards to Kenya we go!