The honeymoon begins…

The honeymoon began with the obligatory days worth of flights in order to get close to the place we were heading to.
I’m typing this in the airport lounge in Jo’burg on our way to our first real destination – Livingstone, Zambia.
The half hour departure delay in Melbourne made our 50 minute (now 15 minute) transfer in Doha interesting. But after “sorry I think you’ve missed it” followed by “quick…come through here”, we ended up waiting for an hour on the plane whilst an ill passenger was given first aid. The plane flight did give us a glimpse of the amazing sunrises that I’m hoping to see throughout Africa. Nothing but orange across the horizon!
Arriving in Jo’burg airport exhausted and an hour late, we headed to the hotel for a shower and nap before heading out for an African BBQ. Michael was served a whole chicken spatchcock and I selected the combo prawn (which was roasted) and ribs.
A nice rest and now we’re off to our first real destination! Better go – the plane’s now boarding.