Rakvere – A castle and a bull statue

Day 14 – Tartu via Rakvere

We left Kasmu a little sad and a little glad (that we would be unlikely to come across that many bugs or ants again). To get to Tartu was a day trip, particularly as we had a two hour wait at a place called Rakvere. Not knowing much about Rakvere other than it is famous for a castle and a bull statue, we thought we should visit the castle and the bull statue. And we did.

Inside the grounds you could have a go at shooting a bow or a crossbow (I sucked), have a sword fight and pike battle or you could try forging, pottery, minting coins and other things. There’s also a range of historical weapons and a torture chamber (not my first, probably not my last).

Overall, a great stopover with a large dollop of fun. Oh and a bull, or more precisely an auroch. It’s made of bronze, is the largest animal statue in the Baltic countries and was built for the town’s 700th birthday. If I ever get to 700, I’d like a bull statue too please.

Anyway, off to Tartu now!