Kasmu: Picturesque beauty, bugs that rip your skin out and too many ants

Day 13 – Tallin to Kasmu and a “short” walk

I had mixed feelings leaving Tallinn. While it was such a beautiful city, I was looking forward to seeing more of Estonia and Kasmu, in the Lahemaa National Park, was supposed to be just as picturesque. And it was!

Arriving just before lunchtime, we dropped our bags off at the stunning Laane Pansion and set off for some exploring. What a beach we found!

Then, after a bite to eat and in the spirit of adventure, we set off for a quick 4.2km walk around the forest near Kasmu. Or so we thought. Perhaps the sign post with a big “do not enter” should have been a telling sign.

We wandered through some forest.

And ended up at Lake Kasmu. Pretty! Although we should have realised by now that we weren’t on the 4.2km walk, but that this was the 14km walk (also suitable for bicycles).

We then, somewhat stupidly might I say given that neither of us were wearing hike appropriate clothing, decided not to turn back but keep walking. We reached a beach, and thinking that we must be close to the town, kept walking.

And walking.

And walking. This was where we hit the ants. They were huge. And there were many of them. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the feeling that there were ants everywhere.

And so, with nowhere else to go and ants all over me, we kept walking. No idea what this was.

And walking. Or this.

Did some forest trails. This is where we met our bug ‘friends’. They sounded like mozzies but took a chunk out of you like horse flies. I was now bitten, sore and bleeding. I’m glad we didn’t run into anyone else stupid enough to do this walk.

Turns out that rather than taking the 4.2km light blue walk, we had taken the red route. And paid for it with some of our skin, and plenty of distraught Suze (did I tell you how much I hate ants?). At least it will be a walk to remember for the rest of our lives. I probably will have to apologise to Michael at some stage, but it won’t be now!

Boy were we hungry. After our six hour walk, we nearly missed closing time for the only restaurant in Kasmu. Luckily they felt our plight and stayed open and we had an absolutely delightful seaside Estonian meal. We were so hungry that the only photo we took of the food was after we had eaten it.

Looking back, Kasmu was picturesque. I’m not sure whether I’ll get over the memories of the ants and the bugs but looking back at the photos, I can at least remember just how beautiful it was.