Farewell Wuhan

It comes time to leave Wuhan and I leave it with teary eyes. I’ll miss the place, even when I’m back in Australia not having to dodge unidentified piles on the ground. I’ll miss my friends, whether they are Chinese or foreign. And in the sense of reminiscing, here are just some of the memories of Wuhan, China…

The Early Days

These were the days when I first arrived, moving into the 23rd floor with Babylyn and Jim…

With Lily…

With Hani, Lily and Nick

Babylyn and Isi

Nick, Babylyn, Bryan and Isi

Living with Sarah and Courtney

Then came the four months of living with Sarah and Courtney (and Victor for a little longer than we all would have wished). Oh the joys of Monday mornings on the 3rd floor…

Left: With Courtney, Brown and Sarah
Above: With Andy, Christina and Courtney

Above: With Josh
Right: With Courtney, Christina, Angela, Sarah, Damian and Lorraine

The Influx of Teachers

All of a sudden, there seemed to be more teachers than students. We welcomed Lorraine, Damian, Jennifer, Brittany, Amanda and more. Plus, we had a few visits from the magicians! Goodbye and thanks to Sarah, Courtney, Jennifer B, Brittany, Amanda, Damian, Lorraine, Jennifer A, Lily, Hani, Steve, Kevin, Lee, Isi, John, Andy, Mike, Has, Dan, Mike and everyone else that I worked with.

Brittany, Bryan, Mike the Magician, Eric, Jennifer amongst others

Then there were the Chinese

Or at least some of them… sorry for those who aren’t shown below. It’s mainly through lack of a good photo so you should probably be thanking me… or at least some of you should be. Hi and goodbye to Christina, Kitty, Charlie, Wendy, Amy, Rita, Angela, Stone, Judy, Amanda, Anny, Fairy, Bryan, Nicole, Joyce, Kelly, Angel, Eric, Linda, Yali (and the crew at Dancing Dao), Monica, Brown (and the crew at Vox), the family in the downstairs apartment, the lady who sold me my seafood sticks and all the thousands of people that helped me get around Wuhan with my bad Chinese.

Rita’s birthday – I think this was the “March” shoot. Includes Rita, Sunny, Angela and Stone

Kelly at the Greenery

With Nicole and Joyce

Last but not Least

The kids…

WuDa (1) – Grade 1

Wu Da (2) – Grade 2

QJJ – Grade 3

Cai Lin – Grade 3

TDM SK17903

TDM SK47902

TDM NP27905

With Louis

TDM SK2721

TDM SK27904

TDM SK4722

With Alice