The Rest of Wuhan

In an attempt to say that I have been everywhere in Wuhan, I dragged Brittany and Jennifer along to see a few places that I hadn’t yet been to.

First stop was the internationally recognised “Yellow Crane Tower”. According to legend, Yellow Crane Tower was built by the family of an old pothouse owner living in Wuhan City long ago, named Old Xin. One day, a shabbily dressed Taoist priest came to the pothouse and asked for some wine. Old Xin paid no attention to him, but his son was very kind and gave the Taoist some wine without asking for money. The Taoist priest visited the pothouse regularly for half a year when one day the Taoist said to the son that in order to repay his kindness, he would like to draw a crane on the wall of the pothouse, which would dance at his request. When people in the city heard of this, they flocked to the pothouse to see the dancing crane. The Xin family soon became rich and they built the Yellow Crane Tower as a symbol of gratitude to the Taoist priest.

Basically, it’s a tower… looks pretty and is supposedly old but given that it has an elevator in it… The gardens surrounding the tower are really nice though and Jennifer, Brittany and I had a nice walk around. Here are some photos:

Left: Tower
Above: Jennifer in front of the entrance

Above: Brittany sitting on one of the random statues

A few days later, I convinced Jennifer and Brittany to come along on a second adventure… this time to the Changchun Temple. I’ve attached photos but sorry, not much different to all the other temples.

Me and Jen in the gardens of Changchun

Chickens (and Chinese long-johns)

After Changchun Temple, we went to discover what was on top of the hill and found a great walking path along the back of what we think were tourist attractions. We feel that we found the locals back entrance to all these places and if you know otherwise, don’t tell us, because we feel pretty special. I have no idea what these places are called but here are the photos:

Random Pagoda Tower

Scary place Jen and Britt found – had broken glass and statues and looked like it hadn’t been touched in 50 years

War Figurines in the middle of nowhere

To top the day off we found some fairly random statues and a pile of something that you don’t usually see a pile of…

Hmm… Let’s pray to the God of Walls?

Yup… a pile of rubbish bins

And one last set of photos… just because I promised Jen that I wouldn’t put them in. Here is Jen being… well Jen!

Left: Jennifer tripping over her own feet
Above: Hiding behind the trees…