Shopping in Guangzhou

When Steve asked me if I liked shopping, I didn’t realise that if I said ‘yes’ I would be on my way to Guangzhou for a day simply to go shopping. Guangzhou is a major tourist destination about twelve hours train-ride from Wuhan. We left at 8:40pm on Sunday (after a mad rush to the train station from my class that finished at 8pm) and arrived on Monday morning around 8am. We met some random friends of Steve on the way down and partied in the dining cabin on Sunday night, conversation including a little English and a little Chinese and a lot of hand waving and gesturing. It was also the momentous occasion of Lee trying her first ever “BaiJiu” (or Chinese White Wine.

On arrival in Guangzhou, we trotted off to breakfast and then off to the shopping market near the main train station. It’s basically a place where you can buy for cheap if you buy in bulk and even get small discounts if you’re just buying one piece.

After shopping all day, (I took a small amount of time off to get passport copies verified at the Australian Embassy), we headed back home on the train. We were tired, and Steve had too many bags but we did manage to enjoy a beer from the train waiter who recognised us from the day before before going to sleep.

But before we went, Lee just had to go for a ride…