East Lake and Beyond

Today was a great day! I met up with a friend of mine and we jumped on some bicycles and headed out for a ride. I’d forgotten how much I missed riding, especially when it’s through scenery like East Lake.

We rode alongside East Lake in Wuchang, which is an enormous lake that looks like the sea without waves or a beach. You really have to struggle to see the other side on a nice day, and today was foggy. The road actually goes through the middle of the lake so there is a great expanse of water on both sides. It’s a really pretty place to be in.

Then we had lunch at the university cafeteria… that really brought home how long it had been since I went to uni. Still everything was same, same… oh except that all the signs are in Chinese. Then we walked up the hill to see the pagoda tower below and check out the views over Wuhan Science and Technology university (and surrounding districts). All in all, a nice day with plenty of much needed exercise.