Love is in the Air

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last two days witnessing the marriage of two TDM teachers to their Chinese brides. Whilst neither wedding was traditional, both were considerably different to a Western wedding.

The fashion in China seems to have turned to a white wedding dress, however the red dress still comes out at the reception. The wedding involved the saying of vows, the kiss (naturally) and the drinking of each others wine whilst linking arms. The latter is something that I would love to add to my own wedding.

After being officially married, the couple must offer tea to their new parents-in-law and then the bouquet is thrown (or as one translator put it… “the toss of the flowers”).

Finally, the wedding is topped off with an almighty array of food. The wedding dish at the moment appears to be turtle, given that it has been served at all three receptions that I’ve been to since I arrived. Tastes like a mixture of chicken and tofu if you can imagine…

The wedding table

Phil and Dana with Mike and Shar