A Day in Wuhan

Today I spent some time touring Wuhan with a Chinese friend of mine. We climbed the “small hill” near the university to see views of East Lake, but it was too smoggy to see much. Then we jumped on a bus to the riverside to catch a ferry.

One warning, if you don’t feel like pushing… don’t catch the ferry! It was like a race to see who could get the first chair or the first viewing spot. Add to that the feeling that if you don’t get on this ferry, you could… die! Anyway, we got on, got a viewing spot (go us!) and waited for the ferry to leave.

The departure point is between the two main bridges connecting Wuchang to the rest of Wuhan (Wuhan was originally three cities, Wuchang being the one on the other side of the river).

First Bridge

Second Bridge

The ferry docked at Hankou, which is the main centre of Wuhan. We ate dumplings for lunch (for those who don’t know… dim sim skin wrapped around much better tasting insides) with a preserved egg and tofu salad (damned if I know what preserved egg is but it’s black and it tastes great). We also had a “tomato salad”, which was sliced tomato with sugar on it… the Chinese love their sugar!

Finally, we went for a walk alongside the river on the Hankou side. The side of the river between the two main bridges has been developed into a really pretty combination of concrete and gardens. It was in use today, the day after National Day being a holiday (in fact the week after National Day is a holiday…). Wuhan citizens and their beautiful little children playing kites and rollerblading and playing on the play equipment (including the two frogs pushing a barrel around in circles???).

All in all, a great day… may there be many more!!