Wuhan, China

I’ve arrived in Wuhan, China!

On arrival I was greeted by Rita, one of TDM’s teacher assistants, and taken to my apartment in Wuchang. It’s a lovely apartment on the 23rd floor with great views of Wuchang. I’m sharing with an American man, Jim, and a Filipino woman, Babylyn.

Wuhan itself is quite modern compared to what I expected. Reminds me a lot of Melbourne. In fact, I think I’m experiencing culture shock as well as reverse culture shock at the moment. It’s strange to see real roads and real footpaths and real skyscrapers again. Sometimes I forget I’m in China, then I speak to someone and realise that they only speak Chinese. It’s weird that I spent three months in an underdeveloped country where people spoke English and then head to a developing (and developing really fast) country where nobody really speaks English.

Wuchang, Wuhan from my window