It’s time to go

Three months is over and I’m leaving Nepal to teach English in Wuhan, China. But before I leave, I’m going out in style!

But not before Nepal protests my departure. Well, it may have been the unexpected price hike on petrol, but the country kept me inside for two days while people politely placed tyres in a pile and burned them.



When I finally left the house, farewell number 1 was at World Youth School in Gokarna where the teachers “tikkered” me and all the students gave me farewell cards.


Farewell number 2 was at the Orphanage where I was “tikkered” to a much greater extent, given a certificate and finally said goodbye to all the children. I thought that Puja and Arjun would get me crying but in the end it was Laxmi’s complete denial of my leaving that had the greatest effect.



I finished off the farewells at Fire and Ice with a huge dinner with all my friends and family before heading off to karaoke Nepali style.

Then it was off to the airport and on to Wuhan via Bangkok and Hong Kong. Thanks Nepal for being such an awesome country and thanks to all my friends for making the last three months such a perfect occasion.