Two weeks in Nepal and not sick yet

It’s been over two weeks and I’m yet to feel sick. It’s a bit of a surprise to all really.

Over the last week I have travelled to Patan a couple of times (the second biggest city in Nepal, separated from Kathmandu only by a river). The Durbar Square (King’s Square) there is incredible, with gorgeous old temples pagoda style with three or four storeys. There is also a couple of five story pagoda temples in the immediate area.

Me in front of Durbar Square, Patan

Durban square Patan

Last Monday, Puku – one of the coordinator’s nephews – took me up into the hills and officially out of the Kathmandu Valley. The views are similar to the Swiss Alps, however the old Nepali style houses and absolute lack of traffic for miles and miles were amazing. Hopefully, over the next few weeks I will get the chance to head to Nagarkot for an overnight stay to see the sunset and sunrise over the Himalayas.

Yesterday, a second volunteer from Australia arrived. His name is Ben, he is 22, and suprisingly enough he is from Nth Balwyn. It is nice to see another Australian 🙂

Work at the orphanage is fantastic. Everytime I walk into the place, all the children come running towards me and I can’t move because they are all hanging on to my legs and arms. There is about 35 children, ranging from age 4 to age 13 and kindergarten through to class 7. I’ve been helping the older ones with their homework (most of the work for the older classes needs to be done in English, except Nepali of course). I’ve also been teaching the younger ones some English, we learnt “Heads and Shoulders” and a simple song along the lines of “walking walking walking walking hop hop hop hop hop hop running running running now we stop” (to “I am Sleeping”). Everytime I get there now they all start singing them and doing the actions. Good news is that they now know all their body parts 🙂

On Saturday they had some visitors, including a Nepali couple with two bags of chocolates (I have never seen so many children rush into the same spot… we ended up having to rescue some crying littlens and take some chocolate and hand them out to them separately).

I’m also spending some time at a couple of schools. I have been thrown into a class 5 english room for three days a week, as well as computer studies for classes 3, 4 and 5 (although computer studies appears to be more of a free time class). I’m also reading to the little children in classes 1 and 2. In the other school, I basically get thrown into teaching whatever the class is doing at the time, no warning, no preparation, so it’s a bit of a challenge but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.