First impressions of Nepal

My first diary entry reads: “I hate it here. There’s no hot water and we nearly had at least ten accidents on the way from the airport to my hotel”.

My second entry reads: “It’s my second day in Nepal and I’m loving it”.

Rod, a friend of mine, was right…picking your entire life up and moving from Australia to Nepal is definitely a change. Having the Himalayas in the background smooths things over a little and everybody is so friendly even if I don’t understand much of the local language yet. I have my first lesson this morning so maybe I can start to understand a little more than namaste (hello) and ali ali (a little – learnt that off the hotel staff this morning).

I am staying at the Garden Hotel for the next couple of days and then I will move in with my host family and get to work. I met my host mother this morning as she was on the same flight from Bangkok with me. She seems lovely and has a son and daughter about my age.

Today I went shopping for my first Kurti, the traditional dress in Central, West and South Asia. It’s a beautiful light blue, getting made tomorrow by my host mother’s tailor (edit: see image below).

We went to the “Nepali” section of town to shop, avoiding the tourist section of Thamel. It’s a sight to behold – the ways cars and bikes and rickshaws dodge each other is mind-blowingly crazy, and the types of things that you can buy from stalls on the side of the street are incredible. Everything from fruit and vegetables to kitchenware to earthenware to incense.

In my new kurti
In my new Kurti